At the start of the day children spend the first enjoyable hour or so playing with their friends and choosing from a range of activities. 

- playing in the sand

- creating in the craft and painting area

- building with construction toys

- creating scenarios with the small world activities

- dressing up or sitting quietly in the book corner

Outside, on a dry day, there is the garden to investigate as well as more activities to play with. After tidy up time we have a large or small group activity followed by hand washing and a sociable snack time (healthy snack supplied by Broadlands).

If staying for a full day, children bring a packed lunch from home and enjoy a sociable meal time with their friends.

Most of the afternoon is 'free play' with plenty of activities to choose from. We finish the day with singing or a story before children are collected.


We have visits from Boogie Beats where the children are encouraged to develop their musical, physical, emotional and intellectual skills through movement, singing and playing instruments.