Mondays and Wednesdays are our Preschool sessions, run exclusively for children who will turn 4 this academic year. These sessions are slightly more structured and we aim to further expand the confidence, independence and interest in learning which will facilitate an easy transition to school. On Wednesdays Preschooler's enjoy our Welly Walk where we explore the surrounding area.

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are our ‘mixed sessions’ which are open to Rising 3's and Preschooler's.

Our sessions run term time only.


We offer up to 30 hours of Grant Funding.

There are no additional charges or 'top-up fees' for funded hours.  Unfunded hours are charged at £4.40.


For information about tax free child care go to www.gov.uk/tax-free-childcare



Rising 3s = children who turn 3 this academic year

Preschool = children who turn 4 this academic year

Current sessions 2021/2022:



  • Preschool (9-12 or 9-3:30)



  • Preschool (9-12 or 9-3:30)

  • Rising 3’s (9-12 or 9-3:30)


  • Preschool (9-12 or 9-3:30)


  • Preschool (9-12)

  • Rising 3’s (12:30-3:30)


  • Preschool (9-12 or 9-3:30)

  • Rising 3’s (9-12 or 9-3:30)